Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new YEAR/goals

Well I didn't make any New Year's resolutions.......but perhaps I really should set some goals. I guess the main thing I want to focus on this year is controlling what I think. Letting my mind be more fully focused on God and not on worry. Focusing on trusting Him. Focusing on controlling thoughts in general.

A second thing I need to work on is my schedule. Somehow getting in the exercise, cleaning, cooking, visiting, reading, crocheting, studying, church stuff, etc.......I do not understand how I could be short on time when I am not working at a job outside of the home----Man!! I thought I would have lots of time. Weird.

A third thing I have been working on and still need to continue working on is organization.

A fourth thing is to continue to find good vegan recipes that we all like.

A fifth is to apply and practice stuff from the book Eowyn gave me (The Love Dare) and the one I shared with Chip called When Sinners Say "I do" .

A sixth is figuring out how to stop all of the neighbors cats from urinating on our doors, windows, and house---this problem has gotten out of hand --at first it was a nuisance, now it is becoming a stench!

A seventh draw nearer to God.

An eighth is think before speaking.

A ninth--continue working on all relationships.

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