Sunday, July 21, 2013

It is written

Peter O'Brien  

It Is Written
"You shall worship the Lord, Your God, and Him alone
shall you serve." Luke 4:8
On my soul
Your Word --
The alphabet for my words.
The grey heavy blanket
Hiding my soul, then
I will light the long candle --
The ever-burning flame of praise.
Not in whispers, but 
With a praise large and sturdy
Will this tireless traveler
Join with Your angels in worship -
"Holy, holy, holy, lord God."
Let not my praise be taxidermal, one
That appears alive and real, but
Is cold and stiff,
Wooden inside.
I pray:
That my worship
Spread beyond my soul's house,
Go into the world and
Serve as Your servant --
The Great Christian paradox:
In slavery to You, I am free.

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