Thursday, June 27, 2013


by Peter O'Brien  (found on Awestruck)

"Serve the Lord with awe, and rejoice before Him with trembling,
Bow down in homage, lest He become angry and you perish from
The Way." Psalm 2:11
The world's clam shell
Slammed tight
Around a suffocating world.
Homage to "Man,
Not as Your Craft, Your Mirror, Father, 
But the world's height,
The castle's tenant, the dream's center.
Homage to "Science,"
Not as the eye to see Your Canvas, Father,
But the only eye, for all else is
The tyrany of superstition and projection..
Homage to the "I,"
Not as part of Your "we," Father, 
But the only wreath worthy of wear, the crown,
The "I" who walks with pomp through the crowd.
Homage to "Non-Belief,"
Not as a spark for search, Father, 
But the only "adult" realm,
The land without crutch,
But one of militancy.
Homage to "Reason,'
Not as Your gift, Father, 
But the only ship,
The "smart" ship for the journey, for
Faith is a paper boat.
Homage to "Consuming,"
Not as share, Father, 
But the only engine of joy --
Buy, buy, buy,
Must have, must have, must have.
Homage to "Success,"
Not as fulfilling Your gifts, Father, 
But the ONLY river road to self-esteem,
Even if wide-wasting and confining.
Unshell our world,
Open it with young eyes
To the dignity of homage,
Not to man. nor science,
Nor "I," nor non-belief,
Nor consuming, nor success,
For they lead to ashes, but
To You Father, who leads us
To Freedom --Jesus, the Gentle Emancipator.

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