Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spiritual insight by the wee grandkids?

My daughter told us about the conversations of her two kiddies above. One is 4 and one is 2. Rhianwen is the 4 year old girl:

Funny conversation:
Rhianwen to Alden about if God is here with us: "Do you know how to obey without Him?"
Alden: silent
Rhianwen: "Ok, then, He's here!"
Take that, atheists ;0) From the mouth of babes...

Alden to mommy: "Is there food in heaven?"
Mommy: "The Bible says that there's a banquet, so I think so."
Alden: "I like God."


Debbie Crawford said...

They are precious and their thoughts are too!

Kimberlee said...

Way to cute. Children have a way of seeing God with the filters the world tends to place in the way.